CannabisLubes are the New Big Thing in the Pot Industry: One of the 3 Reasons Why Sex Store Businesses Should Look Further to Selling Cannabis Seeds
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Cannabis Lubes

Canadian sex store businesses are now granted access to an exciting, gigantic, and extremely profitable niche: cannabis seeds sales.

But what is the secret ingredient that is steadily contributing to cannabis becoming the miraculous, all-natural sex drug of the future?

If you are curious about the reasons why your sex store business should best look further to selling cannabis seeds with a mind to bathing in high paybacks for years to come, then we invite you to join us below on a ride into the mesmerizing world of merging sex and cannabis for bringing sexual enjoyment and arousal to a whole new dimension (and watching your business gains skyrocketing).

Cannabis-Infused Lubes Kick In High Time to Get your Sex Store Business Ride the CannaProfitable Waves of Euphoria

If you are to perform a simple Google Search on cannabis-infused lubes, you are to get quickly redirected to well-over 1 million pages of results, ranging from weed lubes deals, how to use weed lubes tutorials, cannalubes reviews, and nonetheless, DIY weed lubes recipes, and that’s some really immense scope of information, especially when considering that weed lubes were not available on the market some mere year or so ago.

The thing is, prepping a wonderful cannabis-infused lube is a fairly easy process, so it almost goes without saying that apart from the cost-effectiveness of opting for a DIY weed lube, using homegrown cannabis flowers is further contributing to the affordability, and even more importantly, to the personalized approach towards making the most of what this type of lube can provide when it comes to boosting the pleasurable sensations experienced prior and during copulation.

Basically, a weed lube consists of two major ingredients: a fatty substance (such as coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado oil), and, ahem, cannabis, featuring a varying ratio of THC to CBD, although some weed lubes brands do also add other oils, such as tea tree oil, to further boost the sexual enhancement properties of the final product.

At first, the application of weed lubes is said to contribute to a cool and refreshing sensation until some minutes later, when the real effects of lubrication kick in, making things quite slippery down there in the most fantastic way possible.

Within about 30 minutes after applying a weed lube, women report feeling a sufficient increase in sex drive, something that isn’t really part of ordinary, non-cannabis-infused lubes.

As a rule of thumb, applying THC topically does not result in the same feeling one tends to experience after inhaling or ingesting cannabis, so neither the vulva nor the vagina will get “high”, although the clitoris definitely becomes much more sensitive to touch, in a wonderful sex arousal overdrive type of way.

With this in mind, and despite weed lubes not necessarily making one feel high, they are claimed to make foreplay particularly more sensual (think of something like foreplay for foreplay).

Thanks to cannabis effects on increasing blood flow, a particular sense of warmth is experienced in the intimate zones where the lube is applied without leading to feeling too hot to the point of discomfort but much more like the way one feels when spreading his/her legs freely on the beach and letting thy skin bask in the sun.

For those who are naturally anxious and/or tend to overthink, the feeling experienced after applying a weed lube is often described as one that helps you focus more on the body, instead of focusing on the clutter of thoughts plaguing the mind.

Thanks to the additional lubrication provided by weed lube, in combination with entering that chilled-out-state of being, the sexual intercourse can feel more intense than usual and can lead to reaching a powerful orgasm faster and more efficiently.

All of that being said, it really comes as no surprise why more and more people are eager to reap the benefits of weed lubes, and this is exactly what you can make work in your best business favor by partnering with reliable wholesale cannabis seeds suppliers. Sure, you can simply stock on readily-available cannabis-infused lubes but this is definitely not the smartest move, as it limits greatly limits your potential monetary gains.

Need more reasons why your sex store business should better look further to selling “the magic beans”? Here’s a fresh and crisp list of the top 3 reasons to consider up-scaling cannabis seeds sales.

1. The Rise of “Lifted Ladies”

Nowadays, more women are earning higher incomes than ever before.

Meanwhile, post-millennials are estimated to be more willing to address issues, such as mental health, abuse, and trauma than ever before.

Self-care, is intricately related to healthy, happy sex life, is no longer merely a luxury indulgence. Instead, it is becoming a lifestyle essential.

And so, women are progressively into recognizing the deep connection between health, happiness, and intimate relations, actively seeking products and solutions that can help elevate their mood and enhance their lifestyle in the most natural and safe ways possible.

With women being traditionally savvier shoppers than men, it only seems logical to assume that the same fact will apply to cannabis. And indeed, the rise of lifted ladies (girls who toke), greatly increasing in number to such an extent as to make experts claim that one of the hottest trends shaping the pot industry is none other but the growing number of female cannabis users, is a tendency that is here to stay.

In fact, when asked about what’s trending on the female’s cannabis consumer market, Communications Director Yummi Karma summed it all down to “What isn’t trending?!”

From cannabis-infused skincare, tampons, breath mints, and bath bombs, women are becoming the driving force of the pot market, and the #womenwhogrow their own cannabis is becoming more of a mainstream movement rather than a short-lived fad.

It is not only the CBD female consumer market that is flourishing, though. Experts highlight that women are coming back to THC-laced products, and it can’t be any other way since THC and CBD work best when in proper combination.

Altogether with the rise of the green medication and the urge for holistic health solutions, the cannabis seeds business segment for sex store owners is becoming more and more lucrative.

2. The Expanding Availability of Affordable Cannabis Grow Tools

Growing cannabis at-home can easily yield one pound of high-quality cannabis plant material within about 3 months, or it may just as well yield 100+ grams of weed, all depending on the grower’s diligence and accumulated experience.

But if some mere years ago having access to affordable cannabis cultivation tools and devices that take away a huge load of the obstacles associated with laying hands on top-grade cannabis flowers was rather limited, nowadays, things have dramatically changed.

From readily-equipped marijuana grow tents that start from $300 through cut-edge stealth cabinets, impressive hydroponic setups, and all the way to price-conscious outdoor growing methods for cannabis cultivation that can cost as little like the initial investment in good-quality marijuana seeds, the pot industry is quickly catching up with the explosive growth of the numbers of passionate marijuana cultivators.

3. The Versatility of Growing Weed from Seed

Ultimately, regardless of whether a pot user is looking into growing weed for the purpose of enhancing his/her sexual relations, for addressing particular health and/or wellness concerns, or merely for recreation purposes, cannabis seeds will forever remain the most versatile superhero of the pot industry globally.

Eager to individualize weed lubes to best suit your needs and demands? Then try out DIY weed lubes!

Interested in lacing foods and/or beverages with cannabis to boost the sexual experiences shared with your partner? Then why not grow your very own weed from seed!

Curious to try out the benefits of suppository cannabis capsules? Well, get yourself some gelatin capsules, some organic coconut oil, and proudly homegrown cannabis flowers, and let the sexy adventures begin.

Whatever we say about the tremendous business gains that sex store owners can reap by selling cannabis seeds will barely be enough to cover in-depth such a hot, intriguing, and trendy topic like merging cannabis and sex. So instead of “window shopping” by eyeing your competitors’ success in the marijuana seeds sales business niche, it’s high time to start bathing in huge paybacks and see for yourself what the expanding pot industry has to offer.

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