Cannabis Use Makes Up for a Healthier Intimate Life: Is your Sex Store Catching Up by Selling Cannabis Seeds?
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Healthier Intimate Life

From being brutally demonized for almost a century, the cannabis plant is currently shaping the health, wellness, and recreation trends of the new century.

With the broad list of therapeutic benefits attributed to marijuana, ranging from pain relief, inflammation reduction, alleviation of anxiety, depression, and stress, just to name a few, nowadays, cannabis is progressively looked upon as one of the miraculous, all-natural herbal aphrodisiacs available to mankind.

According to researchers, cannabis use can, indeed, make up for a healthier intimate life, so it is high time to consider the business gains of selling cannabis seeds in your sex store. While the rest of the world is still fighting to legalize marijuana, Canada is already one giant leap ahead, and with that being said, the best time for local businesses to join in the profitable marijuana seeds niche is right now.

And to give you an in-depth perspective of how cannabis use can help your sex store’s customers explore new levels of sexual enjoyment by growing weed from seed, below we have a fine selection of cannabis and sex-related insights, shared by some of the most reputable experts worldwide.

How Cannabis Use Affects Sex

To start with, cannabis still has quite a mixed reputation, and that’s especially true when it comes to the way marijuana use affects sex.

On the one hand, there is solid evidence on cannabis being treasured and utilized as a powerful, traditional herbal aphrodisiac, possessing almost mythical libido-enhancing superpowers, dating all the way back to thousands of years ago.

On the other hand, though, there are various studies highlighting the dark side of merging sex and cannabis, as doing so may contribute to erectile dysfunction, reduction in sperm count, and/or premature ejaculation.

Meanwhile, a 2019 study published in the journal Human Reproduction, February 6 edition, part of the Oxford Academic Journals, revealed exactly the opposite of the sperm count reduction risks associated with cannabis use. According to the findings of the revolutionary study, men who smoke cannabis may actually have higher sperm counts, when compared with those who have never consumed the herb.

Ultimately, the findings are said to be “not consistent” with previous research, as previous research suggested that marijuana use may lead to harmful effects on male users’ testicular function.

Moreover, these groundbreaking findings are not at all conclusive, as far more research is needed before experts will be able to understand better whether and how cannabis use may have a positive influence on sperm production. 

So, what is the truth about the way cannabis use affects sex?

Well, it’s really very complicated to quantitatively evaluate the way marijuana affects sexual enjoyment, frequency, and arousal, and this is largely due to 2 major factors: the ban on marijuana that has blocked researchers from studying the ancient plant for almost a hundred years, and nonetheless, the subjectivity of both cannabis use and sex life.

Not the least, many of the existing studies on sex and cannabis have been historically focused majorly (if not entirely) on the experience of men. However, not only is cannabis progressively labeled as the female Viagra among pot communities but the first weed lubes that hit the market in the summer of 2019 promised to forever change the way women experience copulation.

And so, even though the science behind cannabis and sex remains rather immature, as of now, anecdotal evidence on the matter is strong, plenty, and, oh well, literally going viral. Cannabis users claim that cannabis does affect sex in profound and beautiful ways, and some even go as far as to claim that high sex is the best sex ever.

Can a gorgeous plant become one of the major players in the sex industry? There seems to be no doubt that it can, it will, and in fact, that it is already changing the way people all over the world experience their intimate relations.

Understanding the Complex Reality of Cannabis and Sexuality to Boost Cannabis Seeds Sales

Let’s face it: selling cannabis seeds in your sex store can be an extremely successful business strategy, bound to bathe you in high paybacks for years to come, especially when considering the growing number of affordable cannabis cultivation tools and devices, and nonetheless, the incredible versatility of the harvested plant material that can be consumed in whatever form a particular user enjoys the most.

Furthermore, by partnering with dependable wholesale cannabis seeds suppliers in Canada, you can get your sex store business a huge leap ahead of the competitors by enjoying fantastic savings when purchasing bulk marijuana seeds, as well as by avoiding the seeds shortage that keeps ruling Canada in the ongoing post-legalization fiasco.

However, without taking the time to educate yourself on all things marijuana and sex-related, it will be hard to establish a winning plan for boosting cannabis seeds sales and making the most from what the buzzing pot consumer market in Canada has to offer for your best business sake.

From a scientific perspective, the human body produces its very own, natural versions of the active cannabinoids produced within the cannabis plant (aka phytocannabinoids). The body’s natural cannabinoids are called endocannabinoids.

There is a big amount of receptors for both types of cannabinoids located in areas of the brain that are in charge of dealing with sexual function, such as the hypothalamus and the amygdala.

According to recent research 2-AG, being one of the endocannabinoids is released in the humans’ body after orgasm. Based on these findings, researchers suggested that endocannabinoids are most probably deeply involved in maintaining healthy and satisfying sexual processes.

So, what happens when a person adds cannabis to the sex-enhancement mix?

Firstly, cannabis is a vasodilator. As a vasodilator, cannabis use makes up for opening up blood vessels and increasing the blood flow. Furthermore, cannabis has direct effects on stimulating cannabinoid receptors through nerves and skin pathways, both of which are involved in pain perception and management.

Not the least, cannabis use is known to affect other functions, such as feelings of anxiety and fear, as well as memory.

While it seems easy to see how all of those effects can possibly contribute to some people having better sex through adding cannabis as part of their intimate adventures under the sheets, gaining a conclusive understanding of what exactly cannabis use is doing in the context of sex physiologically is still far away from being fully attained.

For example, some studies using fMRI (magnetic resonance imaging) show that under the influence of cannabis, the sex-related areas in the human body are, indeed, affected. However, these studies are not deprived of drawbacks, as they are not a definitive means of measuring neither libido nor arousal related to cannabis use directly.

Ultimately, most of what experts understand when it comes to the way cannabis use affects sex comes entirely from animal studies, at least as of now.

Based on results from animal research, the stimulation of the CB1 receptor (one of the receptors forming the endocannabinoid system in the body of mammals, including but not limited to humans), is known to actually delay ejaculation, instead of leading to premature ejaculation.

All in all, the secret to mastering the art of merging sex and cannabis with best results in the absence of solid scientific data on that matter, is mostly subjected to the dose creating the poison. When cannabis is used in a suitable amount and through a suitable method of consumption, based on each individual’s unique prudence and tolerance to the substance, there is no doubt that sexual enjoyment, as well as sex frequency,  can be greatly increased.

However, if a user is to consume too much cannabis and/or opts for using the wrong cannabis strain, delayed ejaculation may become problematic, as showcased in a 2010 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, highlighting that men using cannabis on a daily basis have reported to reach orgasm too slowly, or even not to reach it at all when compared to men who have never used cannabis.

But then again, many of the sex and cannabis studies available as of now, including the one we just mentioned above, are mostly based on participants assessing their own sexual performance, so the associated findings are not any sort of objective measure.

Healthier Intimate Sex Life and Selling Marijuana Seeds in your Sex Store: Final Notes

In a world that is ruled by quantitatively measurements and very little understanding of the spiritual merits of cannabis for enjoying a healthier intimate sex life, it seems that before people are able to make the most from what the ancient herb has to offer for improving their intimate life is still far away from going mainstream. Yet despite the lack of definitive studies’ findings on the matter, the cannabis and sex revolution is already kicking in and is it definitely here to stay.

For sex store owners, selling cannabis seeds should better not be looked upon as merely a fancy fad but as one of the smartest business moves, you can take to bathe in high paybacks for years to come.

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