How to Properly Display Cannabis Seeds in your Sex Toys Store to Boost your Profit
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Properly Display Cannabis Seeds

The very first step that sex toys store owners in Canada want to take in order to make the best profit from selling marijuana seeds is to find dependable wholesale partners to cooperate with.

However, even though purchasing cannabis seeds in bulk comes with tremendous savings for the business owners eager to bathe in the succulent payback that comes along with the progressively expanding pot consumer market in Canada, the way sex toys stores operators choose to display “the magic beans” is also one of the most crucial factors in boosting sales.

1. Make your Sex Toys and Cannabis Seeds Online Presence Stand out

Without any doubt, one of the most significant developments for the sex toys industry has been none other but the expanded use of the Internet. Interestingly, the same applies to the cannabis industry, and in fact, both cannabis seeds sales and sex toys sales have something even more valuable in common when it comes to the benefits of the broader use of the web.

In a nutshell, the miracle of the Internet has made it possible for people to browse thousands of sex toys, as well as hundreds of cannabis seeds and various cannabis products alike, without ever having to leave their house.

Needless to say, this opportunity greatly contributes to skyrocketing both sex toys and cannabis seeds sales, since your customers can rest assured that their sex and cannabis life and preferences will remain as private as they choose to.

Certainly, quality content is key to ensuring the success of your sex toys store’s online presence, so if you haven’t already upgraded your content marketing strategy, it is high time to do so. Not only can quality content help you generate more traffic for increasing sex toys sales but the same can apply to cannabis seeds sales, especially in the current post-legalization fiasco when businesses are too busy trying to take a yummy piece of the pot industry profit and are too focused on mainstream cannabis sales niches while underestimating some of the still untapped, incredibly profitable segments such as that of merging cannabis and sex.

2. Play with Colors

As simple as it may sound, and as simple as it is to put into practice, one of the most useful, and nonetheless, meaningful ways, in which your sex toys business can make the most of consumer targeting is to add some color to your cannabis seeds menu.

Not only do colors impact the customers’ emotional state of being, and hence, their buying decision, but colors are also key in accentuating on particular trendy/new/hot items you want to sharpen your customers’ attention towards.

Whether it be a brightly-colored purple/pink banner with a short, alluring and to-the-point motto that can tease your female customers’ imagination and willingness to purchase cannabis seeds, such as “The Female All-Natural Viagra of the Future is Green,” and further adding an appropriate color-enhanced strategy to target the male consumer market with a line, such as “Stop Buying Her Flower Bouquets, Grow Her some Cannabis,” you can be pretty surprised at what seemingly small touches and playful, witty words-and-colors games can do for skyrocketing cannabis seeds sales in your sex toys store.

For the record, it was exactly thanks to the production of purple and pink massagers back in the 1990s when the revolutionary for that time color trend, despite seemingly being only a very small change, has greatly helped to push novelty items out of the shadow and right in the front as primary items.

Colors can make cannabis seeds appear more attractive, funnier, and more approachable, instead of looking like an odd item to come across while your clients are searching for the next sex toy to help them magnify their intimate relations.

3. Address your Customers’ Questions and Concerns in Advance

At the very beginning of the production and sale of waterproof sex toys, one of the most frequently asked questions was none other but “How to clean this?”

The thing is, with everything new you introduce to your sex toys’ store’s clientele, it is best to be well-prepared on how to address their questions and/or possible concerns in advance. By doing so, you show your clients that you do really understand their needs, their thoughts, and their preferences and that you genuinely care about providing them with a reliable, honest, and nonetheless, as discreet as the possible shopping experience.

Instead of having to contact your sex toys store’s staff and ask questions on how to grow a particular cannabis strain from seed or what are the most common effects associated with using this strain, do your clients and your business a double win-win favor and take a step ahead by addressing some of the most frequently asked questions in advance.

For instance, you can categorize your sex toys business’ selection of cannabis seeds into several categories based on the type of effects experienced upon use, and come up with funny, witty, short descriptions that will quickly and inadvertently grab your customers’ hearts and attention (and will certainly save them time and efforts from having to come up with insights on their own or having to approach your staff for further guidance).

Enormous business growth can be experienced by addressing major consumer concerns in a smart, professional, friendly, and nonetheless, visionary manner, so by properly displaying and introducing the basics of cannabis seeds in your online or offline sex toys store can truly shoot you miles ahead of your competitors.

4. Accentuate on Quality of the Cannabis Seeds Available for Sale in your Sex Toys Store

When the sex toys industry was still shaping decades ago, many of the products that dominated the market were mostly made out of cheap materials and were often of low quality. Furthermore, most (if not all) of the early sex pleasure products were primarily positioned towards men.

In quite a similar sense, while cannabis still used to be illegal in Canada prior to the Cannabis Act coming into force, most of the cannabis grow products pot enthusiasts could possibly lay hands on (if they were lucky enough to do so), mostly consisted of unreliable quality items, and/or items of suspiciously dim origin, with no guarantee on further successful utilization.

But nowadays, things have changed, and quality is one of the most powerful driving forces behind customers’ buying decisions, regardless of whether it comes to sex toys or cannabis seeds.

Partnering with dependable, local wholesale cannabis seeds suppliers can grant your sex toys business access to high-quality marijuana seeds at best prices, so it is really up to you to market the quality of your store’s seeds selection with a mind to boosting sales. It could be even a single sentence printed on a colorful postcard stating something like “Our Store is Engaged Solely with Enhancing High-Quality Sex, and We Love Working Only with High-quality Cannabis Seeds.” Yup, that’s what properly displaying “the magic beans” is about: creativity and desire to make your customers feel privileged and secure with being able to take the best advantage of your sex toys store’s seeds selection.

Ultimately, it is all about your sex toys store business promise to ensure your customers that you are deeply engaged in bringing high-quality sexual wellness and health products.

5. Be a Part of the Social Progress

Nowadays, people crave for feeling a part of something bigger, something more meaningful than what our brainwashed 9-8 jobs society fed on fast foods and commercials has been granted the opportunity to participate in.

As the sex toys consumer market, and the cannabis seeds market alike, do make no judgment or exceptions based on gender, race, background, or social orientation, you can take the best advantage for boosting marijuana seeds-related profit by becoming a part of the social progress.

By the way, even the mere fact that your sex toys store has cannabis seeds available for sale is a huge stigma-buster alone, so the rest is merely a matter of inspiration and inventiveness. Even a single phrase such as “This sex toys store refuses to be a part of the outdated stigmas” can be more than enough to significantly increase customers’ trust, and nonetheless, greatly contribute to turning random customers into loyal ones, all thanks to making them feel a part of something bigger and better than what the reckless divisions based on cannabis consumption preferences, sexual preferences, gender, and religion have been casting upon our modern-day society.

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