Top 3 Cannabis Business Success Stories
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Cannabis Business Success

The future looks greener than ever before. One of the first, and nonetheless, one of the luckiest nations worldwide who now have the legal opportunity to make the most of what the rapidly growing “green rush” has to offer are none other but Canadian businesses and users of pot residing in the country alike.

Whether it comes to selling cannabis seeds as part of the winning business strategy of a whole multitude of establishments, including but not limited to grocery stores, sex stores, smoke shops, hardware stores, and garden centers, or whether it comes to the myriad of cannabis products carefully placed on dispensaries’ shelves, there is plenty of room for enjoying high profit from getting into the cannabis business niche.

Cannabis Business Times in Canada: A Multifaceted Cash Windfall

Despite the long-anticipated business benefits related with the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, the business climate has actually proven to be immensely difficult, and ultimately, quite frustrating for some entrepreneurs, and that’s for a wide range of reasons, such as high taxes, the still robust illicit market, as well as the quickly (or too slowly) changing regulations.

Furthermore, even though the ugly marijuana stigma is fading, there is still a lot of challenges for businesses related to the moral dimensions of consuming pot. But how could it be any other way when considering the ferocious “war on drugs” that has cast so many fears and misinformation, depicting cannabis as the number one public enemy while brutally neglecting the thousands of years old, sacred relationship between mankind and ancient cannabis plant?

However, regardless of the difficulties and confusion that continue to accompany the still immature pot industry in Canada, the visionary business owners have already managed to take a whiff of what is the very backbone of every cannabis business success story: the tiny cannabis seed.

Now, quite obviously, cannabis seeds are integral to the pot industry. On top of that, with so many weed growers not merely on a national but on a global scale, high-quality marijuana seeds are in higher demand than ever before. Furthermore, the demand for cannabis seeds is only bound to keep growing, just as the pot enthusiasts’ know-how and skills on cannabis cultivation keep expanding.

The thing is, one can never really have too much weed. There are so many exciting things people can prepare by using fresh or dried cannabis flowers and leaves, that there is no place for comparing cannabis seeds sales with cannabis products sales in general. The cannabis fever is reaching a gigantic scale, so both businesses engaged in selling readily-available pot-laced products, as well as businesses engaged in selling marijuana seeds, have quite a massive consumer market to tap into without possibly curbing each other’s money gains.

For example, if a business is to partner with reputable wholesale cannabis seeds suppliers in Canada, the savings that come along with purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk can be excellently used for the purpose of further marketing the associated sales. In the meantime, selling more cannabis seeds, and hence, making more money, does not mean that the same clients who purchased “the magic beans” from business A will not get into spending some further cash for purchasing cut-edge marijuana products from business B.

And so, when speaking of cannabis business success stories, it is best to keep an open mind for the multiple possible moneymaking perspectives in the niche.

1. From the Tiny Cannabis Seed to New York Stock Exchange

Canopy Growth has claimed its spot as not merely one of Canada’s largest marijuana companies but as one of the most powerful cannabis business times players globally, and is one of the few pot companies trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 2018, four startups made presentations in front of the investment arm of Canopy Growth’s representatives, aka the Canopy Rivers representatives. With a final prized billed up to $1 million without any guarantees for the winner, the awarded mastermind was none other but a “bearded,” fifth-generation cannabis grower, who runs an organic cannabis farm.

According to the judges, the prize was to be deservedly granted to this particular organic cannabis farm because of two major factors, namely the farm’s “social mission” and its “commitment to the environment.”

Just a few weeks later, Canopy announced its $4 billion collaboration with Corona beer producers, Constellation Brands.

2. Ed Rosenthal: The Man who Vowed to “Overgrow the Government”

It was all the way back in the very first issue of High Times magazine in 1974 when Ed Rosenthal, also known as the guru of cannabis cultivation, was featured, focusing on the rapidly growing number of people who choose to, ahem, grow their own pot for the first time in decades of severe prohibitions and stigma.

Becoming one of the best-recognized and beloved experts on a subject that were bound to remain mostly a sub rosa for the next forty years or so, Ed Rosenthal did not stop his fight for people’s sacred and legal right to grow their own medicine, and succeeded into becoming the man to “Overgrow the Government” (and whose bank account kept flourishing alongside his passion and know-how for growing cannabis, with his estimated net worth rumored to exceed 1 million as of 2019).

Ed Rosenthal’s High Times column remains in print up-to-date, while he has further been into closely collaborating with an impressive roster of researchers and authors engaged in the field of cannabis. 

3. High on Love and High on Profit from Growing Weed

It was in 2009 when the Denver-based couple John and Amy Andrle co-founded L’Eagle. Their love child features vertically integrated cannabis grow operation spaces spanning across 10,000-square-foot.

Moreover, the couple did not stop their business triumph with the establishment of the clean, organic cannabis grow facility but they took a step further by opening a dispensary where their freshly produced cannabis flowers are sold, alongside bubble hash and rosin, raking insufficient profit and looking further into growing their cannabis family business empire step by step.

Top 3 Cannabis Business Stories: The Bottom Line

Both increased demand, as well as legalization, are changing the cannabis seeds business every single day.

The big question remains quite unchanged, though: How will the cannabis seeds market evolve, especially when faced with the growing demand, further highlighted by post-legalization cannabis shortages?

While the US is looking forward to learning from Canada’s pot industry that is said to perhaps give its counterparts a taste, if not a clear vision, of the future of cannabis business times, some of the savvy Canadian business owners are already down to profiting by optimizing marijuana seeds sales.

With the right cannabis seeds genetics and the increasing ease of creating pot derivatives that possess an exquisite terpene and cannabinoids profile at-home, the “magic beans” are becoming more and more appealing to consumers, thanks to the seeds multiple medical, recreational, and economic advantages, as well as the versatility of use of the harvested plant material.

As the medical and recreational cannabis consumer market keeps growing not only in Canada but on a global scale, some of the best pot business success stories are yet about to be born. And in the meantime, for business owners who are determined to get a delicious share of the moneymaking-coated cannabis industry in Canada, selling marijuana seeds progressively starts to feel, sound, and taste like one of the winning tactics for bathing in high profit for years to come.

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