DIY Cannabis Seeds Gifts and Souvenirs: The Hidden Profits of Selling Cannabis Seeds in your Store
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DIY Cannabis Seeds Gifts And Souvenirs

Selling cannabis seeds comes with fantastic benefits for the visionary business owners in Canada who are determined to get a sweet share of the highly profitable pot consumer market in the country.

Apart from businesses being able to bathe in sufficient paybacks and enjoying plenty of room for optimizing and maximizing their cannabis seeds sales marketing and advertising strategy by partnering with dependable local wholesale suppliers, having the “magic beans” available for customers to purchase is not deprived of hidden profits.

Yes, this actually means your seeds business can quickly turn out to be more lucrative in terms of generated income than what you probably dared to imagine.

The thing is, the tiny cannabis seed represents the core essence of the marijuana culture.

The incredible benefits of growing weed from seed are

not solely about cultivators taking utmost pleasure in nurturing their very own cannabis plants, and further making the best use of the harvested plant material in whatever form suits a person’s unique preferences, taste, and demands. Instead, it is so much more about realizing the true value that the seemingly small and fragile marijuana seed encompasses for the millions of pot users out there, and then making this value work in your business favor to greatly boost sales.

The Mighty Duo Cannabis and Creativity (and Why Boosting Seeds Sales Is Easier than You Think!)

Even the marijuana consumers who don’t really tend to fall into the category of the most passionate and/or skilled DIY enthusiasts (like, you know, for instance, those girls pinning creative DIY projects on a Pinterest board titled “May your boyfriend do it for you”), cannot possibly resist the DIY cannabis seeds gifts and souvenirs fever.

Cannabis and crafts have so much in common, that this combination is probably no less successful and mutually beneficial than adding some milk to your coffee or thinking of it in terms of the correlation between Mickey and Minnie; some things simply go hand in hand better than others, right?

Altogether with the ban on marijuana that lasted for too long but has finally been lifted in Canada as of October 17, 2018, the DIY cannabis art waves of euphoria are just about to get on the rise, counterfeiting the years-old war on cannabis and further placing the love and respect for the ancient herb that need to fully replace the outdated weed stigma, right at the very limelight.

And is there any better way to counteract the ugly marijuana stigma than proudly showing off your positive attitude towards the gorgeous cannabis plant by getting involved in creative activities?

On top of that, exploring new hobbies as to make the most of what being under the influence of cannabis has to offer can greatly help users let the mind and body fully unwind and relax, far away from the stress and worries of daily life, while being focused towards a pleasurable activity that can further bring smiles not only on the faces of practitioners of the crafts but also on the faces of their beloved ones who can get to enjoy becoming proud DIY cannabis seeds gifts owners.

Ultimately, cannabis and creativity have been portrayed as intricately intertwined since times unknown, and their connection does seem to be culturally agreed upon.

One solid evidence of the strong link between cannabis use and creativity enhancement is the growing popularity of creativity-themed cannabis products, including the marketing of particular cannabis varieties one can choose to grow from seed as “creative juices flow-boosters,” altogether with the stunning modern-day, hand-blown bong designs that further highlight pot use is an art form, too.

Not the least, with artists’ testimonials on their experience with pot for creativity enlightenment, as well as the highly sought-after puff, puff, and paint art classes, and the ever-growing number of anecdotal evidence on the correlation between cannabis and inventiveness, there are zero places for doubt whether or not making the most of the imagination-governed bond between the pot and the creation of highly symbolic art using cannabis seeds can, indeed, turn out to be a real goldmine approach for the canny business owners selling “the magic beans.”

If you’re curious to get a better idea of the array of exciting souvenirs and gifts that one can make using only a pair of hands, some super affordable tools, a handful of cannabis seeds, and a generous sprinkle of DIY spirit and pure love for the green medication, then we have a wonderful list of examples compiled below.

1. Cannabis seeds jewelry

From cannabis seeds earrings through beaded bracelets and necklaces, the world of DIY jewelry really looks and feels better than ever before to pot enthusiasts. Just lately, one of the hottest trends in cannabis seeds jewelry was marked by mini glass bottles with corks and screws.

At a cost of less than $3 for materials, without counting the seeds’ value, such type of creative jewelry is easily crafted within only a couple of minutes, using no special equipment but tweezers to inserts the seeds into the jars. Once the cork is plugged, and voila – one is ready to turn into the most cannatastic stoner chick ever.

2. Cannabis seeds wall art

The boom of the DIY fever has reached very deep into the space of interior design, and so has cannabis seeds art. With literally endless possibilities on implementing the tiny marijuana seeds to create a stunning piece of hanging wall art, there are barely any limits to what one can achieve and rejoice at to the fullest.

Into bean-style mosaics? Then why not add some of the “magic beans” into your DIY project?

Into surreal terracotta pot painting? Then how about adding an extra touch of inventiveness and originality by using cannabis seeds to make that terracotta pot hand-painted gift bring the widest smile possible on the face of a beloved cannabis connoisseur of yours?

Not the least, cannabis seeds resin artwork, and jewelry are growing in popularity. With resin being an environmental-friendly material to work with, just like seeds, making art and jewelry by merging these two wonderful mediums is a pure pleasure for the senses, without causing harm to the living nature.

3. Cannabis seeds as weed-themed events gifts

Those cannabis seeds earrings we just mentioned above are only a fraction of the whole myriad of weed-themed events gifts that are hitting the world as if by storm.

From bridesmaids through special guests attending a pot-themed wedding or other events laced with the love and respect for the green medication, the creative use of marijuana seeds makes the most fantastic option since unlike dried cannabis flowers or any other ganja-friendly gift or souvenir, only seeds have the potential to give way to a wonderful amount of homegrown weed, which can be then used at its finest based on the unique preferences of every user. And so, for the creative souls out there, it’s really a no brainer whether seeds should be part of just about any weed-themed event!

Now you are equipped with a high dose of cannabis seeds creativity overload! For your best business’ sake, don’t hesitate to partner with dependable, local wholesale seeds suppliers. Stay savvy, inventive, and open-minded, and the hidden profits of selling marijuana seeds in your store are bound to reveal unlimited horizons for skyrocketing sales in front of your astonished eyes.

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