CBD Cannabis Seeds Business in Canada: 3 Tips to Help Cannabis Seeds Retailers Make the Most from the CBD Fever
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With the list of therapeutic benefits attributed to the second most abundant active cannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant, namely CBD (Cannabidiol), expanding explosively, the CBD market value is said to become the new Bitcoin in terms of generated revenue and scope of the CBD fever that keeps growing in popularity.

For cannabis seeds businesses operating across Canada, the rise of the in-vogue profile of CBD indicates never-seen-before moneymaking opportunities that are only bound to further increase in the following decades, and especially with the introduction of CBD cannabis seeds available for Cannabidiol enthusiasts to purchase and grow their very own high CBD pot flowers.

Double Win-Win: The Benefits of Growing High CBD Cannabis from Seed Are Here to Help your Customers AND your Business

Harvesting top-quality CBD-rich cannabis flowers start with the seed. Currently, cannabis harvesting in Canada looks extremely different from the practices embraced in some U.S. states.

To illustrate this better, many U.S. large-scale cannabis producers are into harvesting marijuana plants with a chainsaw and then using a wood chipper before finally dragging the harvested plant material to a corn silo for allowing it to dry. In Canada, however, high-end cannabis flowers are trimmed manually using a pair of scissors and inspecting closely each bud by hand, including hand packaging the selected material.

And even though the Canadian regulations on the cultivation and production of high CBD flowers and the various associated derivatives are very tight, ensuring the highest quality of the final products, the shortages following up after legalization, as well as the massive demand for the miraculous Cannabidiol cannabinoid compound, are just two of the many factors that are progressively turning more and more eyes towards the grow at-home high in CBD cannabis seeds side.

According to stats shared by Global News Wire, the global CBD market is projected to grow at a stunning CAGR of 36.3% within the 2019-2026 time frame. With a tendency of hitting $22 billion by 2022, the Cannabidiol market is not only set to attract more and more people eager to experience the multifaceted benefits of CBD but is also one of the fastest-growing markets in the entire history of mankind. Not that bad considering the origin of CBD, is derived from a plant that used to be demonized for almost a century to reach the New York Stock Exchange, right?

Ultimately, even though there have been very few breeding programs focused on improving CBD levels in hemp varieties for years, the visionary cannabis breeders who were the ones to find answers to the growing demand for higher THC cannabis varieties, are also the ones to have made a giant leap ahead by getting down to creating strains that possess high levels of CBD for the average grow-weed-at-home enthusiasts to enjoy to the fullest, without having to solely rely on those readily-available bottles of CBD that often feature dim quality.

With or without official government support, cannabis breeders have put in their best efforts into providing the pot consumer market with an alternative to hemp-derived CBD which is also believed to be of lower quality than cannabis plant-derived CBD because of the higher abundance of various other active cannabinoids present in marijuana plants but lacking in their close relatives, hemp plants.

Speaking of the possibly dim quality of CBD products plaguing the shelves of various stores (such as the shelves of gas stations), and especially when taking into consideration that China is nowadays to account for about 90% of the global CBD export, research has concluded that more than ½ of CBD products selected randomly for lab testing turned out to contain lower levels of Cannabidiol than claimed on the labels, and also contained various toxic compounds, greatly due to the large-scale scope of the CBD produce operations, making use of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers to boost yields.

All of the above beings said, it really seems like a no-brainer why CBD enthusiasts should better go for trying their hand at growing high CBD cannabis varieties and then getting down to utilizing the resulting plant material in whatever form suits them best, whether it be vaping it, smoking it, cooking with it, juicing it raw, or prepping CBD tincture or oil.

Yet for the business owners who are at the very beginning of polishing their winning CBD cannabis seeds sales strategy, a handful of extra tips to help boost associated paybacks are surely more than welcome, and we’ve made sure to provide you with a crisp and easy-to-digest list of tips on that matter.

1. Educate your clients on the benefits of growing high CBD strains from seed.

Whether it comes to verbal or online communication with your prospective CBD seeds customers, one of your best business bets when it comes to boosting sales is to educate your clientele on the multiple amazing benefits they can reap by growing high CBD strains from seed.

From cost-effectiveness through quality, versatility, and self-sufficiency, growing high CBD cannabis varieties is an extremely rewarding the process, and as long as you make sure to accentuate on the related gains for CBD enthusiasts, the higher increase in sales you can expect to enjoy.

2. Think of alluring CBD seeds deals, promos, and loyalty programs.

One of the many assets your business can garner when partnering with reliable wholesale cannabis seeds suppliers in Canada is fantastic savings.

The discount prices of purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk can be used for your business’ marketing and advertising favor, apart from raking in skyrocketing profit. Think of the many ways you can allure your customers to try their hand at growing high CBD strains, such as selected CBD seeds monthly/weekly deals, special promos, and nonetheless, loyalty programs, to help you turn random customers into regular ones.

3. Show your clients homegrown CBD flowers in action.

It is not a secret that showing a product in action with an accent on the value that the product can provide, instead of on its features, is one of the smartest and best-working business tactics for increasing generated income, and the case with selling CBD cannabis seeds is no different.

If you want to gain your customer’s attention, trust, and loyalty, and bathe in high profits from selling the “magic beans,” then why not show them homegrown CBD flowers in action? For instance, you can ask your staff to grow a high CBD cannabis variety from seed, prep a batch of homemade CBD Oil, and then simply use the already-available bottle of DIY CBD Oil as the perfect conversation starter when trying to attract new customers. Not only will this strategy prove to your clients that your business is into the cannabis niche merely because of the financial gains but that you also appreciate and respect the economic, spiritual, health, and wellness side of the coin, thus, greatly increasing trust, and hence, sales, in return.

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