How to Sell Cannabis Seeds in a Sex Toys Store: 5 Tips for Understanding Marijuana Strains Basics for Proper Seeds Selection
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According to Statista’s recent projections on the estimated worth of the global sex toys market, it is expected to reach, and in fact, to surpass, the astonishing $29 billion by 2020, marking an even more intriguing rise of about 40% in the period between 2015 and 2020, and with a tendency for future growth to keep blooming.

Considering the rapidly up-scaling scope of the cannabis consumer market in Canada, as well as worldwide, selling cannabis seeds in a sex toys store is certainly one of the most lucrative business opportunities that are only bound to grow bigger profit in the upcoming years, as the acceptance of pot, as well as the freedom of sexual orientation and preferences expressions continue to expand, gradually going mainstream from being nothing more but a taboo some mere years ago.

One of the winning tactics for sex toy owners in Canada who are visionary enough to merge sex toys and cannabis seeds sales is to establish a fruitful business relationship with local wholesale marijuana seeds suppliers. But apart from having dependable wholesale seeds partners to collaborate with, selecting the most profitable “magic beans” for sale out of the wide variety of cannabis strains available for growers to take utmost advantage of, is one of the most crucial aspects that can help your sex toys business make a giant leap ahead of the competitors.

Marijuana Seeds, Sex Toys, Holistic Health and Subjectivity of the Sexual Experiences

It is widely believed that cannabis has originated in Central Asia.

However, over the course of millennia, greatly thanks to both conquest and exploration taking place across the globe, the ancient cannabis plant made it all the way to virtually every continent and every country worldwide.

The role played by cannabis cultivators is extremely significant, as despite marijuana being illegal for too long, nothing could stop the passionate marijuana enthusiasts from selectively breeding their plants with a mind to creating varieties (aka strains) that can best suit the needs and demands of their communities.

When discussing the business benefits of selling cannabis seeds alongside sex toys, it is impossible not to address the ancient herb from the perspective of holistic health, as well as from the perspective of subjectivity.

In order to please your sex toys store’s customers with the selection of cannabis seeds you have available for sale, you want to keep in mind that pot is not an all-round, miraculous sex-enhancement tool that works wonders for all users. Instead, cannabis and sex should be looked upon as a mighty holistic duo to improving people’s well-being and lifestyle, yet it is not merely sex and/or cannabis alone that make up for what could be referred to as a healthy, happy sexual life.

The reason for this is quite simple: neither cannabis nor sex, carry a single-fold meaning. Much like holistic health is a term that encompasses a whole array of factors contributing to enjoying life to the fullest by sustaining a proper mental, as well as physical state of being, so are sex and cannabis use subjected to a myriad of factors one must take into consideration as to reach the ultimate level of satisfaction.

As good cannabis and sex experiences mean different things to different people, just like different sex toys have a varying appeal to different people, sex toys business owners who are into profiting from marijuana seeds sales need to acknowledge that diversity, as well as embracing a personalized approach to the sex and pot business niche, are both extremely important. And this is exactly the point where selecting a wide and fine variety of cannabis seeds kicks in to help you boost profit.

How to Select a Profitable Variety of Cannabis Seeds to Sell in your Adult Store?

All over the world where the cannabis plant had ever taken root over many generations, different variations of the plant began to occur without human intervention, and these particular variations are nowadays being well-known as landrace cannabis strains.

Landrace cannabis strains continue to exist up-to-date and are traditionally highly revered by healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, off-the-grid-living enthusiasts, and in general, all marijuana connoisseurs, especially veteran pot users, who fully appreciate landrace varieties’ uniqueness and value.

Just like some clients are deeply conscious about the material of which sex toys are made, so are some sex and cannabis enthusiasts solely into cultivating landrace varieties as these are often pointed out as the most natural type of marijuana.

Landrace strains are also highly treasured for the purpose of creating strong new cannabis strains and are commonly sold in the form of regular seeds, as to allow pot enthusiasts to enjoy the freedom of breeding their own marijuana varieties, although this is definitely a time and efforts consuming process that also takes a lot of skills and practice to be fully mastered.

Tip #1: As a rule of thumb, make sure your sex toys store’s cannabis seeds selection does include landrace strains, such as Original Skunk and Afghani.

Thanks to cannabis enthusiasts collecting landrace strains and bringing these into the West, although away from their natural habitat, has allowed for these amazing strains to be crossbred with one another. As horticulturists continued to explore the cannabis plant’s potential, little by little, thousands of named cannabis varieties, aka cannabis strains, were given rise to, and this would have not been impossible without the application of cannabis breeding techniques.

Quintessentially, the process of breeding different male cannabis plants with different female cannabis plants is what hybridization is all about, and hence the term hybrid cannabis strains that possess mixed traits of their parent strains for the purpose of experiencing a different array of effects upon consuming pot. Furthermore, advanced cannabis breeding techniques have allowed for the creation of feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds to take place.

Both autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds will give way to solely female cannabis plants, which are the plants that reward growers with the highly anticipated cannabis flowers. Regular cannabis seeds will give way to an equal ratio of male to female cannabis plants, making up for more attention and work required to be applied by growers as to identify male plants on time and remove them away from pollinating females, unless the goal of the grower is to create a new cannabis strain and/or to collect many seeds upon harvest since pollinated plants get filled with seeds, and the harvest is hindered.

Tip #2: Nowadays, autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds have claimed their spot as top-sellers. When selecting your sex toys to store cannabis seeds’ menu, it is best to opt for a dominant percent of autoflowering and feminized cannabis varieties and a smaller percent of regular seeds.

And so, when discussing cannabis strains, it is inevitable to come across the terms “indica,” “sativa,” and “hybrid.”

These three major terms refer to the various shapes and structures of the cannabis plant, and these are features that are extremely important to growers.

Tip #3: When selecting the most profitable cannabis seeds to sell in your sex toys store, make sure to pay close attention to the growth patterns of the strains. Pick a variety of strains based on their expected height, from short-postured Indicas to tall Sativas, as this is the best way to appeal to a broader range of customers.

Not the least, consumers have been long into thinking that Sativa strains help to promote energy, Indica strains come with sedating effects, while hybrids combine the best of both worlds.

However, it is crucial to note that even though these three terms are still primarily used to distinguish the expected effects upon use, and are still being widely used by all of the cannabis seeds producers and retailers globally, recent research has largely debunked the effects-based classification of cannabis into Indica, Sativa, and hybrid categories, especially with the deeper understanding of the complex symphony of effects provided by the well-over 500 different active compounds found in marijuana, each one of which is considered to play a unique role in the collective “concert” of sensations experienced upon pot use.

Tip #4: When selecting Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains your sex toy store’s clients can choose to grow from seed, make sure to not simply stick with picking a number of Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids randomly but instead, take the time to get better acquainted with the particular effects attributed to each strain. This way, you can provide a wide selection of cannabis seeds for your customers to enjoy, all of which will be able to provide different effects upon use, so that your customers can further optimize their preferred ways and means to combine sex and cannabis.

Finally, our at-depart Tip #5 for sex toy operators in Canada is not to deprive their business of the mix and match cannabis seeds scheme offered by reputable wholesale seeds retailers. This particular scheme allows you to tailor your store’s marijuana seeds selection into a wide and diverse one with confidence and ease, all while enjoying fantastic savings and paving your path to profiting big from the sex and cannabis fever hitting the world.

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