California Orange Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
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California Orange Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

California Orange Autoflowering Cannabis Strain Specifications

  • Type: Indica-dominant
  • Genetic Parents: Orange Bud x Mango Haze
  • Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
  • Climate: Sunny, warm, dry, Mediterranean
  • Yield: up to 510g/m2 indoors/ 500g per plant outdoors
  • Flavours: Citrus, sweet, earthy, tropical, orange
  • THC Level: 15%
  • CBD Level: 1%
  • Height: up to 180 cm
  • Harvest Period: October
  • Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
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A cross between Mango Haze and Orange Bud, California Orange Autoflowering marijuana seed is an indica-dominant strain with balanced effects. This classic cannabis is famous to those looking for a daytime smoke with a pleasant taste and aroma. A cerebral high gives off a clear mind and focuses accompanied by a body high for ultimate relaxation. This strain’s effect is not too overwhelming, perfect for beginner smokers. California Orange Auto is fast and relatively easy to grow. It produces long branches with fat resinous buds all over.

 Origin Of California Orange Autoflower Strain

Until today, the origin of California Orange Auto remains a mystery to the cannabis world. All we know is that it originated in California and found its way to Amsterdam in the early 1980s. Because of this, cannabis enthusiasts today have the privilege of growing and enjoying this strain as it might have been long gone during the Reagan administration’s war on drugs.

Effects Of California Orange Autoflower Strain

One factor that many users like about California Orange Autoflower is its effects. It instantly enhances your mood as the cerebral head high rushes in without that overwhelming feeling. California Orange Auto can also calm its users, especially on “not-so-good” days, and send them to a relaxing, happy and positive state. In the next half hour, clarity of mind and focus will start pouring in, giving users an improved sense of thought without making them sleepy.

Together with the head high, California Orange Auto’s indica properties will start to crawl in the body too. An intense relaxation will alleviate physical ailments and boost energy levels.

Medical Benefits Of California Orange Autoflower Strain

California Orange Autoflower is exceptionally beneficial for those suffering from mental health problems. This strain’s cerebral high uplifts mood and sends one to a euphoric state, washing away all negative thoughts accompanied by physical tranquillity. What’s good about this strain is the sativa-indica balance, working best for mental and physical relaxation that soothes minor aches and pains in the well-being. This strain does not induce a couch-locking effect, unlike some other cannabis strains. California Orange Auto helps boost energy levels and relieve its users from fatigue and exhaustion.

Taste and Aroma Of California Orange Autoflower Strain

One of the most incredible smelling and pleasantly tasting strains, California Orange Autoflower has an orange, fruity and tropical taste and aroma that cannabis connoisseurs love. The combination of citrus, sweet and earthy undertones will linger in your mouth, giving ultimate pleasure to the palate. It is the reason why this strain has become so popular all these years.

Growing Info Of California Orange Autoflower Strain

California Orange Autoflower can be cultivated outdoors but does better indoors. It is generally an easy to grow plant; however, it may require some work by applying the stress training method throughout its growing stage. It extends from 4 to 6 feet tall with tight, leafy structure buds. Indoor cultivation can yield around 400-510 grams per square meter within 9-10 weeks, while outdoor cultivation can produce about 510 grams or even more per plant by the end of October.