Autoflower – Feminized Mixed Seeds
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Autoflower – Feminized Mixed Seeds

Not sure what auto-flowering strain is right for you? Now you can try them all! This mixed pack of auto-flowering feminized seeds is perfect for the indecisive grower. We’ve included all of our nine auto-flowering strains in one convenient mix, available in 10 or 25 seeds packs. Auto-flowers are great for novice growers because they are low maintenance and quick to harvest both indoors and out. The height of the plants will vary – from our Dwarf Low Flyer, mature at only 18” tall to strains that mature around 3ft or slightly taller. These strains all finish around 7-8 weeks, so it’s great to grow the mix together or a few at a time. The levels of THC and CBD will cover the spectrum, from low to moderate to high. The resulting effects will vary.

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This is a pack of randomly selected and unlabeled autoflowering seeds from our product line. As one of the top seed banks in Canada, we do our best to offer a little bit of everything so that everyone is included.This time, we have decided to come up with a mix & match pack of the cream of the crop.

Our autoflowering feminized strains come in a wide variety of growing difficulties, characteristics, effects, and more.It is impossible not to find the right one for you, and there is nothing more exciting than surprising yourself with what buds you manage to reap come harvest time.

Once you open a bag of our mixed autoflowering feminized seeds, you may want to prepare for very easy to moderate growing.One thing is for sure, though, these are all flexible strains that can grow in both indoor and outdoor growing environments.Flowering time can vary a lot, but 9 weeks should be the longest, which is still relatively short.

These beauties also vary a lot in terms of genetics, but all of them come from either the Netherlands or Spain, which means they are nothing short of premium quality.In terms of THC content, they can be anywhere from low to high(10.85 % to 24 % to be exact).When it comes to yield, though, they do not vary that much.These plants can yield anywhere between 100 g and 250 g, and that still depends on whether they are grown indoors or outdoors.

Needless to say, these mix & match packs are for indecisive growers who either can’t decide on which autoflowering feminized strain to grow or just want to surprise themselves through the sheer variety that is coming their way.